A wonderful way for carpaccio

9 Apr

I’ve been on a pretty serious raw meat kick lately. Once I successfully made steak tartare at home, it was like I had crossed some threshold from which I could never return. I love steak tartare and carpaccio with an unrivaled zeal, and these foods have suddenly been transformed from occasional treats that I only splurge on when I’m at a particularly fancy and reputable restaurant to something I could have for dinner on a Wednesday night. And then maybe again on a Thursday night. Or for brunch on a Sunday.

I’m aware that this may not be the wisest choice. I have a healthy respect for the risk of food-borne illness — I’ve been waylaid before by some pretty awful bugs, and I don’t want to repeat the experience. In spite of following lots of precautions when I eat raw meat, I know that I’m exposing myself to a risk. It’s a reward that’s worth the risk, but when you consider each consumption as a separate roll of the bacteria dice, the more times you roll the more likely you are to come up snake eyes… or something, that metaphor got a little convoluted. The point is, is once a week too often for raw meat? Yeah, I think so. But… so tasty! I am conflicted!

In any case, for those who do enjoy the occasional raw meat treat (see my earlier post on the subject for suggestions for lowering the risk of bacterial contamination), here’s a particularly lovely combination: thinly sliced beef over a bed of arugula topped with butteraise, salt and pepper, and finely minced shallot:

Carpaccio Closeup 2

I used butteraise that was freshly made and slightly warm, which meant it was a bit runny. This was a nice effect for this dish.


I really wish I had one of those nice squeeze bottles so I could have drizzled the sauce more attractively.

Carpaccio Closeup 1

You’re drooling. It’s okay, I am too.


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