Five Easy Paleo Lunches that Require No Thought

10 May

Lunch can be hard when you work full-time. Here are some ideas for simple paleo-friendly (well, really more primal-friendly because I’ve included dairy) lunches that are all basically a variant on “simple meat plus some kind of vegetable”:

  1. Rotisserie chicken with a side of frozen diced squash with butter and sea salt. Squash is the one vegetable I buy frozen. It’s a little carby, I suppose, but not as awful as it could be.
  2. Cold grilled steak (ie leftovers), jicama spears with lime, salt, and chili powder.
  3. The Best Salad: baby arugula, blanched slivered almonds, Parmesan cheese, EVOO, balsamic vinegar, flaky salt, pepper. Great with chicken breast. If you pack your lunch, pack the dressing (last four ingredients) separately to keep the greens from wilting.
  4. Pre-made almond flour crust quiche or fritatta. Eggs + veggies of choice, I make individual ones in a muffin tin for pre-portioned breakfasts or a lunch addition.
  5. Pickled vegetables and smoked or cured meat. Pickles and cured meats are a little controversial among paleo devotees, but if you do indulge in them they make a nice, simple, no-cook lunch option.

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