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Low carb decadent breakfast

18 Apr

Potted crab, breve latte.  




24 Aug


I turned 30 recently. To celebrate, I ate 30 species of animal. I also drank a LOT of sangria.

Aside from feeling like I need to lie down for a very long time, today was one of the greatest days of my life.

Here are the beasts that I and my guests feasted upon, and the form each took:

Anchovies — delicious Caesar salad
Crab — gluten free crab cakes
Clams — smoked clam dip
Tuna — tuna maki (Hawaii style with canned tuna)
Pig — bacon-wrapped dates
Cow — steak tartare with butteraise
Sheep — grilled marinated lamb
Goat — grilled curried goat
Kangaroo — Australian-style meat pies, which I insisted we call “Kangaroo Pouches”
Deer — Medieval style venison pie
Camel — ground camel meat kebabs
Buffalo — “Tanka Bites”
Ostrich — grilled ground ostrich with a sauce from Apicius (ancient Roman cookbook)
Pheasant — roasted whole
Duck — pâté
Chicken — chicken salad
Partridge — roasted whole
Quail — roasted whole
Snails — in the shell with butter and herbs (from Whole Foods)
Mackerel — smoked
Halibut — dip
Herring — pickled
Trout — smoked
Sardines — canned
Oysters — smoked canned ones made into dip
Shrimp — little bitty ones with cocktail sauce
Alligator — spicy jerky
Salmon — smoked, in salad, and delicious grilled
Scallops — ceviche
Flying fish — eggs (which we counted for the purpose of achieving a full 30!)

I also had ground elk, but we ate so much so quickly that I made the executive decision to not cook the elk, lest someone explode. Just in case someone challenges my beast count, I have some turkey breast in the refrigerator and I’ll try to get a nibble into my face before bed. No promises, I’m so full I really feel like I might explode.

I’m going to be eating leftover pheasant for lunch next week.

This is awesome.


Earliest Definitive Evidence of Using Spices in Food

22 Aug

Earliest Definitive Evidence of Using Spices in Food

A 6,100 year old pottery find shows phytolith (plant microfossil) evidence of ground garlic mustard seeds being used to flavor food.


Paleo Buttermilk Biscuits?!?!

8 Aug

Paleo Buttermilk Biscuits?!?!

This I have to try!

What’s been going on in the Cave Hedonist’s world

7 Aug

Well, the best way to put it is that I fell of the wagon and it ran over me a few times. A combination of stress, an inevitable injury from running (“Ohhhh, so that’s what all the anti-running sentiment is about!”), and discovering the magical world of gluten free junk food has led to me pretty well fattening myself up.

That’s no good! I was making so much progress, too!

So, time to get back on the wellness train. I’ve started walking again. I’ve ditched grains. I’ve found good sources for my favorite suitable treats (mostly Hail Merry’s tarts and macaroons and Equal Exchange dark chocolate with crunchy mint bars).

I’m trying to manage my stress through a liberal dose of delicious fat. As part of my “radical self care” agenda, today I had my favorite salad (baby arugula, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shredded Parmesan cheese, almond slivers, and salt and pepper) and grass fed steak tartar with butteraise.

The chickens are grown up but not laying. One turned out to be a cockerel, and after much discussion he was “rehomed” (someone else got to eat him, I think is all that really meant) and replaced by a sweet pullet. They’ve eaten our “cover crop” of oats that we planted on the bare dirt around our yard, which has been very cute to watch. In fact, watching the chickens has become my new favorite thing.

The garden is doing marvelously. We are rolling in patty pan squash. We would have heaps of greens, but the chickens ate them. Oh well! My quinoa is nearly ready and we’ve been enjoying fresh (green) fava beans (not really paleo but worth it for me). Artichokes, tomatoes, cucumbers, purple shiso, weird volunteer purple potatoes that just kind of appeared one day, and even a couple of cabbages have all come out of our dirt.

So I’m watching Fat Head again and trying to get back on track.



The first garden salad of the year

14 May

The first garden salad of the year

This is from a couple of weeks ago, but I found this picture on my camera and had to share — my first salad with all the things growing in the garden! Greens, herbs, flower petals… it was awesome! Salad should be a happy food, not a self-punishing food.

Tonight’s Dinner Plan:

12 May

Baby potatoes (stay tuned for a post on growing potatoes in a container), baby radishes with pasture butter and flake salt, and hard-boiled eggs from my coworker’s happy hens. Other than the butter and salt, everything was home-grown by us or someone we know! Score!

ETA: I decided this was inadequate in the Green Stuff department, so I wilted some cabbage raab in butter to go with. It was from the farmers market, so not home-grown, but locally grown.

Have I mentioned how much I love love love this time of year? Eat ALL the things!

E(again)TA: I took a terrible picture of my dinner:

Simple dinner mostly from the garden

Ugh what an awful picture, I fail at blogging.

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